A bit about dave

A bit about dave

Dave Dunn facilitates meaningful meetings, courageous conversations and wicked workshops.

The experiences standing up in front of groups encompasses encompasses leadership development, chairing challenging meetings, hosting conferences and seminars, working with youth groups and children, board level strategic planning and delivering skills training workshops.

The journey began in 2008 with a Trinity College Dublin introductory course to group facilitation skills in the Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities. Forward on a decade later and some current clients include AccentureCommon Purpose, the Dublin Food Co-op, Dublin City Council, Linesight, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, EarthSong and the Charities Institute of Ireland.

Since 2017 Dave has been delivering training in group facilitation skills in Dublin through an introductory course-day (The Core of Facilitation) and an intermediate level evening course (The Craft of Facilitation).

He has also involved in other group related projects such as: with creative events group Queens of Neon; the Inbetweeners and Carnival of the Impossible at the EarthSong Camps; part of the Dublin Flea Market team; providing business therapy support to startup entrepreneurs; and managing mayhem at the Love Olympics.

Dave is organised, curious and playful.


Facilitator & Trainer Panels



Our organisation’s general meetings host a wide array of competing interests and opinions. It’s important that contributions get heard, and that things are kept in play, whilst also keeping momentum going forward. Dave has a knack of balancing these competing strands, often at times looking for what’s not being said, and also keeping the tone respectful and pleasant.

Dave brings thoughtfulness and attention to detail in his in-depth preparation to his work chairing our at-time difficult AGMs and General Meetings. You can see this pays off, as he is able to be calm, present and improvise effectively in the moment.

Sam Toland, Dublin Food Co-op

All of the meetings we’ve had together have been majorly productive, efficient and super fun – I would love to steal his skills.

Fiona Gannon, EarthSong

Dave has a unique talent of combining professionalism with enthusiasm, which ensures top-rate delivery for our groups and excellent working relationships with our staff.

Robert O’Halloran, Common Purpose




Previous Clients List

  1. Accenture, The Dock (Global Centre for Innovation)
  2. Allianz Partners
  3. Another Love Story
  4. Aontas
  5. A Playful City
  6. Aughrim Street Scouts
  7. Ballymun Youthreach
  8. Body & Soul Festival
  9. BeLonG To
  10. Carlow PPN
  11. Carmichael Centre
  12. Charities Institute of Ireland
  13. Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)
  14. Citizen Advocacy Service
  15. Clane Red Cross Cadets
  16. Common Ground Co-Housing
  17. Common Purpose
  18. Concern Worldwide
  19. Connect the Dots
  20. Cooperation Ireland
  21. Cork City Council
  22. Crosscare
  23. Disability Federation of Ireland
  24. Dochas
  25. DogPatch Labs
  26. Dublin City Volunteer Centre
  27. Dublin City Council
  28. Dublin Food Co-op
  29. Dublin Pride Festival
  30. Dublin Rape Crisis Centre
  31. EarthSong
  32. Educate Together
  33. EIL Intercultural Learning
  34. Enterprise Ireland
  35. Exchange House Ireland
  36. Fading Light
  37. Fjord Dublin
  38. Gaeloideachas
  39. Global Philanthropic Canada
  40. Global Reviews
  41. Griffith Barracks School
  42. Happenings
  43. Home Education Network Ireland
  44. Howth Sea Scouts
  45. IBM
  46. IRD Duhallow
  47. Irish Aftercare Network
  48. Irish Social Enterprise Network
  49. Kildare Youth Services
  50. Kildare PPN
  51. Learning and Skills Improvement Service
  52. Linesight
  53. Market Lane Restaurant Group
  54. Mental Health Ireland
  55. Naas Newbridge & Kildare Mental Health Association
  56. National Adult Literacy Association (NALA)
  57. Newpark Music Centre
  58. Niteline
  59. Pluto
  60. Science Gallery Dublin
  61. Social Entrepreneurs Ireland
  62. St Patrick’s Mental Health Service
  63. Street Feast
  64. Sustainable Water Network (SWAN)
  65. Swim Ireland
  66. Temple Bar Traders Association
  67. The Ideas Collective (SUAS)
  68. Transparency International Ireland
  69. TU Dublin Sports Office
  70. Upon A Tree
  71. Voluntary Service International
  72. Volunteer Ireland
  73. Wicklow Sudbury School
  74. Youth Advocate Programme Ireland


Well, that’s not quite right. He used to do this kind of thing.


Get the competence and confidence to
chair, convene, conduct or coach
your groups in style.

Level 1: one-day introductory workshop

Level 2: five half-day sessions mid-level short course

Level 3: Nine-week evening exploring course The Craft of Facilitation, level 2 group faciliation skills course by Dave Dunn


For meaningful meetings,
courageous conversations
and wicked workshops.

Also experienced at strategic visioning & planning; hosting conferences; chairing AGMs; MC-ing open mic nights and cheer leading laughter workshops.

Take a look at his previous clients list.

Dave Dunn is organised, curious and playful. dave.dunn.ie Group Facilitator


These are interactive,
engaging and empowering
learning workshops.

Pitching & Presenting, Resilience, Time & Task Management, Laughter, Listening, Creativity and Business Development Training.

Short, half-day or full-day.
They're also good craic.

Here's a list of upcoming open workshops. dave.dunn.ie workshops